Our Fleet

Welcome to the Air Florida Fleet Operations Center. As you can see, Air Florida has an extensive fleet of aircraft painted in Air Florida's various liveries.  Our Fleet Manager, Jerry Hopson did a great job managing the fleet before his passing.  These aircraft are a tribute to his hard work and dedication to Air Florida.

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
A322 236 470kts 41,000ft IAE V2500 3,200nm 21 more info
A350 314 487kts 43,100ft RR Trent XWB 374kN 8,100nm 12 more info
A380 555 374kts 43,000ft Rolls-Royce Trent 900 8,000nm 16 more info
Air Florida MD-90
MD90 172 438kts 37,000ft V2525-D5 2,237nm 19 more info
Airbus 319
A319 134 541kts 41,000ft CFM International CFM56 4,287nm 21 more info
AT72 70 309kts 25,000ft Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100 2,065nm 10 more info
B190 19 285kts 25,000ft PT6A-65B 439nm 25 more info
Beechcraft C99
BE99 17 224kts 26,000ft Pratt and Whitney PT6A-20 910nm 11 more info
Boeing 727-200
B727 155 460kts 36,000ft Pratt & Whitney JT8D-7/9/11 1,900nm 12 more info
Boeing 737
B737 162 430kts 41,000ft CFM56-3 3,550nm 21 more info
Boeing 747
B747 524 504kts 41,000ft Pratt & WhitneyPW4062 8,354nm 8 more info
Boeing 747 Cargo
B747 10 480kts 41,000ft Rolls-Royce RB211 7,585nm 12 more info
Boeing 757
B757 243 493kts 42,000ft Pratt & Whitney PW2037 3,150nm 15 more info
Boeing 767
B767 290 485kts 43,100ft Pratt & Whitney PW4000 5,980nm 14 more info
Boeing 777
B777 550 510kts 43,100ft GE90-115B1 7,830nm 14 more info
Boeing 787
B787 389 516kts 43,000ft Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 7,635nm 13 more info
Cessna C414A
C414 8 235kts 30,000ft 2× Continental TSIO-520-NB flat-six turbocharged piston 1,328nm 11 more info
CRJ7 78 473kts 41,000ft General Electric CF34 1,378nm 16 more info
Convair CV-580
CVLT 56 297kts 24,900ft Allison 501-D13H 2,577nm 10 more info
CRJ2 50 424kts 41,000ft General Electric CF34 2,300nm 21 more info
Dash 6
DH6A 20 182kts 26,700ft 2 Pratt and Whitney 700nm 16 more info
Dash 8
DH8A 78 360kts 27,000ft PW150A 1,362nm 15 more info
DC 8-71 Cargo
DC87 10 483kts 35,000ft CFM International CFM56 2,900nm 6 more info
DC10 380 490kts 42,000ft General Electric CF6-50A 5,405nm 11 more info
DC93 139 485kts 35,000ft Pratt and Whitney JT8D 1,421nm 21 more info
DC10 9 530kts 42,000ft General Electric CF6-50A 3,500nm 6 more info
E120 30 298kts 29,800ft Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100 1,750nm 20 more info
E170 78 470kts 41,000ft GE CF34-8E 2,150nm 16 more info
Embraer ERJ-190LR
E190 114 470kts 41,000ft GE CF34-10E Turbofans 2,450nm 11 more info
Fokker F100
F100 122 452kts 35,000ft Rolls-Rolls Tay 620-15 1,680nm 13 more info
Island Hopper 30
IH30 5 128kts 17,000ft ‎Pratt & Whitney PT6A-114A turboprop 700nm 11 more info
Martin 404 Skyliner
M404 44 312kts 29,000ft 2 X Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB3 Radial Props. 1,080nm 11 more info
RJ85 82 420kts 35,000ft Lycoming ALF 502 3,650nm 20 more info
Saab 340
SF34 34 271kts 25,000ft General Electric T700 850nm 16 more info